This company/business is owned by a family. Ther y are proud to offer embodied teddy bears and plush, that is supported by a very warm personal service. They are very proud of what they do, either it’s the products they make in their facility, that is outside Chicago or the jobs that they provide their associates. The company 800BEARS.COM was first launched in 2013. Up till now they have been bringing decades of very important experience and a fresh outlook to an industry of extreme  competition. As they have grown so much up till now, so did their family family brands, that today includes Beau-coup.com, MyWalkGear.com, GiftsForYouNow.com, and ProGiftSource.com. Together, They’ve served more than 3 million clients, and are still growing.


     Embodiment is what makes them so different from so many other gift sellers. With personalization, your gift can be so much more strong than a generic product. You will find numerous personalized options for making their gifts unique, like adding dates, names, and selecting colors, photos, and a lot more. Their main goal is to help their clients celebrate many events in their life and make long-lasting and beautiful memories.

Listed below are some reasons why the company loves personalized gifts:

1. They are such kinds of gifts that shows that a client put his thought and heart into buying something special;

2. They have an added layer of interest that leads to long-term value;

3. They are cheap and their embodiments are always free.


   The company considers the privacy of a customer very important. A client’s personal identity info is always kept secured. If needed only the employees contractors and agents that are authorized, have access to their information. They have agreed to keep the client’s information confidential and secured. If you still have any concerns regarding their privacy policy, you can contact them by:

E-Mail: service@800Bear.com

Phone: 800-800-BEAR (2327)

They mostly collect information about the clients regarding their names, email addresses, postal addresses etc. The info that you provide to the site  is used only to fulfill your particular request.


   The company always provides their customers with the best quality products so that they are always satisfied. But if there is any issue with the order placement then you can also return your product. Exchanges or returns should be requested within 30 days after the delivery of the product. Plus if you are returning the products then you should return it with the oiginal packing, because the company will not be responsible if the product gets damaged on the way back. For shipments or deliveries that are somehow damaged, the company offers the options listed below:

1. An exchange of the goods delivered, with shipping free of charge.

2. The money will be returned while having the receipt of returned goods.


         The plus point is that this company guarantees products of the best quality. Plus they even guarantee the best care for their beloved customers. They always think that their customers are very important and they never leave a single stone in taking care of their needs. Their main goal is to satisfy their customers and make them happy. They are always welcoming to their client’s opinions and suggestions.


            People’s reviews on this store has always been different, good and unique. Their customers are always happy and satisfied with their marketing and their way of serving them. They are always provided with the best stuff and their service is so good they never have to file a complaint and want to shop from here again and again.


              This company also provides you with an oppurtunity to get discounts on your favourite products. All you have to do is get a coupon code and you’ll get discounts according to the coupons.


And not only this but they also provide you with opportunity to get discount offers on the shipping of the products as well. It too has the same procedure. But if you’re confused a little bit, then follow the steps below:

1. Go to www.BebaCoupons.com ;

2. Click on the Sephora option;

3. Click on any discount option you want;

4. Use the code mentioned there for your purchase and enjoy yourself.


5. You can even subscribe to the page for getting updates about new




                  Are you worried about the prices? Well worry no more. You just have to grab a 800 BEARS promo code or coupon from BebaCoupons and make your decision easier. They will not only give you codes for discounts but also provide you with reports about the BESTSELLERS and most reliable products. You can also see analysis of other consumers on the products for your self satisfaction. If you’re willing to stay updated on what’s new then you can also create an account.

Our customer’s privacy:

          You don’t have to worry about your privacy after creating an account at BebaCoupons because we consider it very important to not invade into anyone’s privacy. All you have to do to create an account is just to give us some basic information like your name, age, email e.t.c. This information is only asked to provide you with the info about new updates and stay tuned on what’s new. We keep our clients updated on new events that may interest them. We limit approach to private info about our clients to our employees in order to give products or services to you.


For making your shopping even more easy, you can make an account and witness the reviews of other shoppers as well so you can amuse yourself and trust your choices. It’ll make you assured about your purchase. Along with all these benefits, an account allows all the shoppers to go and review all the products purchased, and to re-order with confidence and ease. For an even better deal on all of your make-up, clothes or beauty products, grab a 800 BEARS coupon or promo code from BebaCoupons before moving on to your next purchase..

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