Freshly is an online site that delivers ready-made meals. Freshly main branch is in New York, at 115 E 23rd St. The meals are prepared after receiving an order and then delivered to their customer’s doorstep. It coordinates with proficient chefs to deliver and create gourmet, fresh meals that are ready made and designed to improve their customer’s health, at the same time as enjoying the process. The company’s menu includes breakfasts and entrees with dairy products like eggs, tree, pork nuts, beef, chicken, fish, turkey, shellfish and soy. Freshly even provide their customers with weekly and monthly subscriptions.


                   The co-founder and CEO of Freshly that is a delivery service of  healthy meals, is Michael Wystrach. It offers packed dishes with numerous amount of nutrients, with the best quality taste. Wystrach has an experience in the food industry for more than ten years, as well as qualifications in real estate, finance and many other startups.

Freshly was manufactured on Wystrach’s intimate mission to find appropriate and healthy meal choices for his fast progressing life. Wystrach identified that through technology, he could disturb the $1.3 trillion food industries by delivering food to customers directly. This allows Freshly to offer healthy meals while lowering the food waste created by the old fashioned grocery supply groups. All of the meals are cooked after receiving an order and are delivered fresh and never frozen. 100% of all their natural meals are arranged, with having no fake ingredients, no  gluten and no refined sugars.

Earlier after founding Freshly, Wystrach sharpened his natural ambitious skills by working in every stage of business, from introducing startups to investment sales with Wall Street marketing companies. Wystrach’s first hand experience in the business world, doubled with a strong work morally inspired by growing up on his family farm, has benefitted him with the skills of leading the operations, growth of Freshly and  finances.


                           FRESHLY simplifies an easy path to healthy and nutritious eating by delivering the best and higher quality, affordable gourmet meals  and professionally prepared food right at your doorstep. Our crew of chefs  takes care of the locally sourced, with all the natural ingredients, to design meals very carefully that are low in carbohydrates, rich in protein, and always free of gluten, artificial sweeteners, added sugars and hormones. With FRESHLY, eating healthy and nutritious is delicious, simple, and easier than before.


       This website consists of different types of meals and for any time of the day. Either it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, your food is just one order away. The company’s menu includes breakfasts and entrees with dairy products like eggs, tree, pork nuts, beef, chicken, fish, turkey, shellfish and soy.  Not just this, but their chefs always use the best quality vegetables and other food ingredients for making their food. This not only makes the food delicious and tasty, but also guarantees no harm on a person’s health. On the contrary it makes a person even more healthy(internally). I’ts like you’re eating a home made food with rich nutrients.


        States that FRESHLY delivers to are mentioned down below:

  Arizona (AZ), Alabama (AL), Arkansas (AR), Colorado (CO), California (CA), Connecticut (CT(MS), Montana (MT),  Nebraska (NE),    New Hampshire (NH), North Carolina (NC), Missouri (MO), New York (NY), North Dakota (ND), Oklahoma (OK), Ohio (OH), Oregon (OR), Rhode Island (RI), New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA),New Mexico (NM), South Carolina (SC),  Tennessee (TN), South Dakota (SD), Texas (TX), Vermont (VT),Utah (UT) ,Nevada (NV), Virginia (VA),  West Virginia (WV), Washington (WA), Wyoming (WY), Wisconsin (WI) and MANY MORE.


Junior Guimaraes claimed that:

     She subscribed to Freshly for almost a month and she loved it!! She claimed that their menu is great and everything she tried tasted so good. It made eating healthy and well so much easier.

Kristie Geiges claimed:

    The advantage of a well prepared, flavorful, healthy meal with no preparing, no shopping or cleaning up is without a doubt amazing. She now looks forward to the next week.

Jeffrey claimed:

      He claimed that he has been a customer of FRESHLY for more than a year now, and he love it. Their customer service is specifically excellent.  Whenever there was a problem, the crew of FRESHLY respond very quickly and always solved the problem.

Jessica Wilson claimed:

      He loved that he found freshly and that it allowed him to try new things and even allowed him to eat healthy while the prices were still affordable!”

Cindi claimed:

      He said that with Freshly, he didn’t had to think about what he’s going to eat for lunch every day and felt good knowing that he’s eating a healthy meal. He too loved the convenience!!

      And not just these. Many more people have given them 5/5 stars, and are loving the idea of this website.

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